Splatoon 1.3.0

Splatoon wersja 1.3.0 już 1 lipca

1 lipca Splatoon otrzyma aktualizację do wersji 1.3.0 przygotowującą nas na nadchodzący splatfest. Aktualizacja wprowadza też poprawki w balansie broni specjalnych i mocy ubrań. Dokładna lista zmian poniżej:

Splatfest Amendments:

  • If it takes too long to find another team, you can fight the same team again.
    • Even if playing against the same team, Splatfest Points can still be earned.
    • Only the opposing team’s results will be counted at the conclusion of a Splatfest battle.
  • If you begin the software before the Splatfest start time, an adjustment will be made where you may be able to begin 5 minutes before the start time (from the start time, you can participate in all areas).
    • The purpose of this is to reduce congestion that would occur immediately following the start.
  • The number of Super Sea Snail increases when you acquire the “Charisma” and “Eternity” titles when the team that voted loses.

Special Weapon Adjustments:

  • Inkstrike: When used, the mark that shows the impact zone has been greatly changed.
  • Kraken: If attacked in the middle of using this, they will be repelled stronger than before.

Gear Power Adjustments

  • Ninja Squid: The speed of the squid dash has been made slower than before.
  • Stealth Jump: The time taken to charge has been made longer.
  • Ink Resistance: The negative effects of movement and damage that enemy ink has on you when walked on has been reduced.


  • Various game content has been fixed to better customer experience.

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