ARMS na Nintendo Switch

Aktualizacja ARMS dodająca przypinki

ARMS dostał właśnie aktualizację do wersji 3.2 dodano zbieranie i przypinanie odznak, możliwość oglądania powtórek z rozgrywki oraz poprawiono kilka błędów. Szczegóły aktualizacji:

ARMS przypinki

  • Added new “Badge” feature.
    – Receive neat badges as a reward for fulfilling certain conditions.
    – Wear your favorite badge and show it off to your opponent.
  • Added new “Recent Replays” feature.
    – Select from a list and view replays of past matches.
    – Replay data is automatically deleted when necessary, starting with the oldest data.
    – Also, future ARMS updates will cause all replay data from past versions to be deleted.
  • During replay playback, ZR will no longer switch between targets. The X button instead is used for all camera angle switching.
  • During replay playback, + – buttons no longer toggle HP gauge display, and instead now bring up the menu.
  • Fixed issue where, at certain timings, follow up attacks after wind attacks would not land.
  • Fixed issue where, after suffering an ice attack, players on a snake board could repeatedly jump and the snake board would continuously accelerate.
  • Fixed issue where, when battle rules are set to 1-punch KO, under certain conditions fighters would become unable to move.
  • We’ve identified an interloper who has been disrupting the Grand Prix, going after our fiercest competitors. If encountered, we advise you to dispatch them with prejudice.
  • Adjusted the abilities of certain fighters and ARMS as follows.

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